• Amanda Aramini

10 healthy habits to try this fall

I don't think I'm alone in saying that fall is my favourite season. I don't know if it's because the trees look so beautiful, the coffee tastes better or the seasonal candles that leave my room smelling like apple cider. Below I made a list of 10 healthy habits to try out this fall to help you enjoy this season!

  1. make your own coffee at home

  2. go for daily afternoon walks and enjoy the crisp fall air

  3. start a new book and read a chapter every night

  4. switch up your evening skincare routine

  5. try a new soup recipe

  6. take a break from social media

  7. buy season veggies

  8. light a seasonal candle

  9. make a cozy playlist and have a self care day

  10. find a new and inspiring podcast

What fall things or healthy habits do you look forward to? Leave them down below :)


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