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31 day wellness challenge

October is here! And with a new month, it's a great time to take advantage of the fresh start, set new intentions and complete a wellness challenge. Take a look below at the 31 day wellness challenge for the month and do each goal for that specific day. If one task really resonates with you, maintain it for the month and see how you can take control of your life and make some serious positive impacts.

Also, you can totally do this wellness challenge any month you like or take some of the below challenges and incorporate it into your day!

1. wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual (try these morning routine tips)

2. make a vision board for the month (check out these tips here)

3. start a gratitude journal

4. go for a 30 minute walk

5. no social media use for the day

6. drink 1L of water today

7. enjoy a coffee outside

8. read a chapter from a new book

9. schedule a sweat session today

10. clean and reorganize a room in the house

11. journal

12. go to bed 1 hour earlier (check out this relaxing evening routine)

13. cook your favourite healthy meal

14. limit phone use today (zero if possible)

15. yoga and stretch

16. meditate for 15 minutes today

17. full body HITT workout

18. do a face mask

19. eat 3 fruits & 3 veggies today

20. no phone before bed

21. recite affirmations that resonate with you

22. watch the sunrise or sunset

23. try a green juice

24. self care day (check out these ideas when planning your self care day)

25. add some protein to your breakfast

26. take a warm bath and relax

27. eat a meal outside today

28. make a healthy dessert and enjoy

29. deep clean your bedroom

30. try a total body workout

31. make a list of all your accomplishments

You made it! Let me know your thoughts on the October challenge and if you complete it :)


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