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4 things to understand for developing a healthy mindset

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

When we see or hear people are on a health and wellness journey, we often think of it as the physical body changing. Maybe it consists of choosing more nutritious foods or moving your body more. But let's not forgot about how our mindset is affected during a health and wellness journey. Some would even argue that this the most important part of the entire journey.

While focusing on my own health and ensuring I am living a balanced and healthy lifestyle, I have learned 4 important things that have changed my mindset when thinking about health and what it means to me. Check them out below!

1. Diet culture is not about health

This one is definitely a challenge, especially when you are scrolling through someone's social media or looking through a health magazine claiming that 1 special ingredient or superfood will solve all your problems. Remember that diet culture isn't a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The health of your body and your well being is far more important than what diet culture promotes.

2. The path won't be perfect, just be consistent

The journey to living a healthy lifestyle has ups and downs. And the path isn't perfectly paved and straight, but that's totally normal. The key is to stay consistent and remember that it isn't about being perfect but about remaining true to your goals and staying dedicated.

3. Change will not happen overnight

Don't compare your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 20. Change takes time and consistency. The progress you are working towards won't happen quickly which is totally normal. Just remember that it is more important to stay consistent rather than be perfect.

4. Surround yourself with people that will support you

Being around people who support you and your well being will make your journey easier plus you'll feel inspired to keep going. Surrounding yourself with like minded people who support your goals will also keep you accountable .

Bonus - motivation helps, but it all comes down to being dedicated. Stay dedicated to your goals and remain consistent.


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