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4 ways to get out of a rut

Sometimes we find ourselves in a negative space or a funky situation. Our emotions may be way out of what's normal to us and it's hard to navigate this challenging space. But know that this happens and you can totally move yourself out. Check out the below helpful and healthy ways to get out of a rut.

Clean up your space

Physically cleaning up or organizing your space can totally help with your mindset You don't need to make any massive chances, but just tidying up your space, making your bed or cleaning the kitchen can help to shift your mood. Plus by cleaning the space you are shifting the energy and welcoming positivity.

Listen to your favourite feel good songs

Dance it out, sing out loud and just enjoy the moment! Listening to your favourite songs can totally help get you out of a rut, even if it's only for a moment. Those moments will add up and you'll get out of that negative space.

Move your body

You can break a sweat, do a yoga class or simply go for a walk. Anything you do to move your body will help shift the energy plus help your mind to get out of the rut.

Get outside

Getting outside in the sunshine and grounding yourself to the earth is a simple way to help get out of a rut. By switching up your surroundings and getting some fresh air you are physically getting yourself out which will help your mindset do the same thing. You can go for a walk, sit on your balcony or in your background and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Hopefully the above helpful and healthy tips can help you get out of a rut. Share some of your tips below!


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