• Amanda

Easy ways to support your immune system this fall

With the colder weather coming it's important to keep our bodies at their best. Why not try these immune supporting tips below this fall

Focus on maintaining a healthy diet

Fuel your body from the inside and eat a diet full of nourishing foods to keep your body and immune system strong. Some great immune supporting foods are garlic, ginger, citrus fruits and bell peppers.

Keep up with daily movement

It's no shock that daily exercise is good for our bodies physically and mentally. Keep up your daily movement with walks, HITT workouts and strength training.

Prioritize your sleep schedule

Maintain a consistent bedtime and wakeup time to keep your body on a schedule. Try to get 8 hours of full sleep to restore and recover.

Take a break and meditate

Stress can affect our immune system and a great way to help manage stress is with breath work and meditation.

Try out the above tips to maintain a healthy immune system this fall. Leave some of your healthy tips below :)


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