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Healthy habits to add to your work day

Since working at home has blurred the lines of work and home space, it's even more important to mentally unwind after a day of work. Adding some healthy habits to your day like stretching breaks or getting in some steps are a great way to handle stress and help improve your mood.

Check out the tips below that you can incorporate to your work day for a refresh and others to help you unwind once the work day is done.

During the work day ...

Quick mid day meditation

Taking 10 or 15 minutes for some deep breathing will help you refocus and help to manage stress. You can use a helpful app like Headspace to search for a meditation and then come back to work feeling more refreshed.

Set a time for no meeting blocks

If it's possible, set a specific time in your day to focus on work that has fallen off your to do list and set a no meeting block for yourself.

Stretch breaks or walk around

Sitting all day and starring at our computer screens has some serious health impacts, both physically and mentally. Staying in the same position for an extended period of time causes our muscles to be stiff and tight. To help improve this, take a few moments to stretch your body or take some extra steps around your home or office to add some movement into your day.

After the work day is done ...

Close all your tabs and close your laptop

This one may sound silly, but close all the tabs you opened during the day that are no longer needed. Plus close your laptop and set it aside for the next day. Especially working from home, it is important to separate your work and relax time.

Set the mood at home

Maybe light a candle or turn on your diffuser to set a relaxing tone for the rest of your day. This is a good habit as it will signify to our brains that we are now relaxing and unwinding.

Wash the day off

Take a shower before bed and imagine the water washing off any stresses from the day. Leave the day and everything that came with it behind you and enjoy your relaxing evening.

I hope the above healthy tips are helpful :) Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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