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Healthy + relaxing nighttime routine

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Similar to having a morning routine to prepare you for the day ahead, a night routine will get you settled to unwind and prepare for some much needed relaxation and rest! Below are some healthy tips to add to your routine once your work day is complete.

Set your space with cozy accessories

First things first, lets get in the right mood! Maybe light a candle, dim the lights, turn on your diffuser and dare I say turn your phone off. The key to this first step is do something that helps you get settled in and feel cozy. If you are going to light a candle, I would suggest a calming scent like lavender or vanilla to help you to unwind from the day.

Take a warm shower/bath

A warm shower or laying in an epsom salt bath will help your body and muscles relax. Just laying in an epsom salt bath for 20 minutes will help with sore muscles. This is especially helpful if you are working away on your computer, sitting most of the day hutched over (I am very guilty of this). You can wash the day off and then slip into some cozy jammies while you continue the rest of the night.


This is probably not a surprise, but I love my nighttime skincare routine (link). I love going to bed with clean and hydrated skin. Your nighttime skincare routine is a great opportunity to apply your hyaluronic acid (for deep hydration) as well as apply preventive skincare like retinol serum (for fine lines and wrinkles) or a moisturizing sleeping mask. Your skin will look plump and dewy the next morning!

Enjoy a herbal tea

Having a decaffeinated tea after dinner while you unwind for the evening is another great way to add some calmness to the night. I tend to enjoy a peppermint tea at night since it is naturally caffeine free, plus it can help the body with digestion. You can also try a warm cup of water with lemon or even some ginger tea.

Try some meditation

Above are some helpful habits to help our bodies to unwind, but we should also consider helping our minds to unwind as well. The key aspect of meditation is using the breath to focus on the present moment. There are great apps like Headspace that offer guided meditations to help you if you haven't tried meditating before. Plus you can also check out YouTube for some helpful videos.

Some light reading before bed

Reading before bed can also be a great way to help the mind to unwind before falling asleep. This can be a chapter from your favourite book or a topic that you wish to learn more about. But reading before bed can really help you relax and lower your stress levels.

Try not to go on your phone

This is a habit that I am still trying to beat! But I find it so easy to get stuck in the mindless scrolling on social media before I fall asleep. However, several studies have shown that using your phone before bed isn't helpful to our brains when we are getting ready to sleep since the blue light actually decreases our melatonin.

Check in with your planner to prepare for tomorrow

This is a great way to prepare for what the next day looks like. I sometimes will grab a little sticky note and write down a quick to do list. This way I know I won't forget, plus it'll put you a step ahead!

I hope the above tips are helpful in creating your healthy and relaxing nighttime routine! Are there any tips that you love to include in your nighttime routine that aren't on the list? Share them below and I look forward to checking them out.


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