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How to fall in love with taking care of yourself

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

I was always off and on the healthy eating and working out routine. I would stay consistent for a couple months and then eventually just give up when I wasn't seeing the results that I had planned for. I realized though that I needed to switch my overall thoughts towards caring for my body since it's not just about how you look, but how you feel, act and present yourself.

So during my health journey I realized 4 important things to staying consistent, but that ultimately helped with truly loving the process. Check them out below!

Workout because you want to and enjoy it

Workouts should be a way to release energy, strengthen your body and challenge yourself.

Working out should never be a punishment because of what you ate. Find a workout routine that helps you with your goals, that challenges you and something that you look forward to. If you hate running, than don't do it. Find other ways to incorporate cardio into your day like with HITT (high intensity interval training), skipping rope or long walks up hill. Remember that it is a blessing to be able to move your body so treat it gratitude and love.

Unfollow diet culture

We can all get caught up in diet culture, loose fat quick schemes and pills that offer to melt fat away. But remember that these won't do much for your body (they may even cause damage in the long run). Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle and looking to positively change your habits and body won't come with what is presented in diet culture. Our body and minds are connected, so trying to just change our bodies to look like what is presented in the media won't do your mind any good. Keep with the process, stay consistent and fall in love with the decision you've made to become your best self! Unfollow accounts that promote unhealthy lifestyle changes and reinforce unsustainable diets.

Work towards your overall health not just the appearance of your body

If you focus on the overall feeling of your body and work towards making your body the healthiest version, than the physical appearance of your body will follow. Focus on your mindset, maintaining healthy habits, nourishing your body with food, your energy levels and how much stronger you get overtime. These are clear signs your body is changing (in a healthy way) plus you are growing as a person and becoming a healthier and strong version of yourself.

Find routines that you enjoy doing plus work for you

Just because someone drinks green tea every morning or runs 5k everyday, doesn't mean you have to do the same. Yes, these things are beneficial and are great to do daily, but you have to actually like doing them! If you drink green tea and hate it, stop forcing yourself just because someone said it was healthy for them. Try to find something else that you enjoy and look forward to doing it. If you hate something the chances of you maintaining it will be slim and that won't get you far on your health journey. Instead find what works for you and maintain that.

I hope the above tips are helpful to you as you move along your health journey. Please leave me any questions or comments below :) I look forward to reading them!


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