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How to get back into a routine

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Sometimes we fall off the routines we established for ourselves because of a vacay, maybe work has been overwhelming lately or we were in a bit of a funk. Keep in mind that this is normal and happens to everyone, plus we can totally get back into our healthy routine just by doing a few things.

Check out the tips below!

Write out your goals for your first week back

Get clear about what it is you want to do to help get back into your healthy routine. Write out what things you'd like to complete for the week this way you can hold yourself accountable plus you can see how you can get back into your healthy groove! A helpful thing to try is to set certain days of the week for accomplishing small tasks that get you back into the groove. For example - Monday: grocery shopping, Tuesday - Pilates class, and so on.

Wake up at your normal time aka no more sleeping in

Vacays are a great way to catch up on sleep and restore our bodies, but now that we're back home and settling into reality again, it's time to wake up early + start our day with intention.

Grocery shopping for fresh food + look up new recipes

Maybe we indulged and let our bodies enjoy all the yummy foods, but now it's time to get back into a healthier eating pattern. Go to the grocery store and get your favourite fruits, veggies, proteins + fibre that nourish + help you feel your best. You can also look up new recipes to try to keep things exciting + healthy!

Book a sweat session + move your body

Find ways to incorporate your workouts while getting back into your routine. This can look like whatever feels right to help you break a sweat, so maybe join a studio or gym, workout with a friend to hold you accountable or make a workout schedule for yourself that includes strength, cardio + stretching days to get back into your workout routine.

It's totally normal to fall out of routines because life gets busy or maybe you realized you needed to switch up your existing routine. Just keep in mind that you can start a fresh routine + incorporate the helpful tips above to get back to feeling your best!

What ways do you find helpful when getting back into your groove? Leave your comments down below!


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