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How to plan a productive day

Planning a productive day can be intimidating and quite overwhelming when you see your to do list growing in front of you. But it doesn't have to be like that! The key is to prepare for the day and get your mindset right. So check out the tips below to have your most productive day yet!

Positive mindset

Start your productive day with a positive mindset to help get the momentum going. You could start with meditating and breath work or some affirmations to get ready for the day ahead.

Write out what you want to achieve

Write a list of the top 3 tasks you want to achieve today! Make the list clear and simple. You don't need fancy paper or an entire agenda for this step. Once you cross off one task, just keep going until you're done. An added tip here is to complete the hardest task first. This way the task is out of the way and you can focus on the simpler tasks next.

Time blocking

I've always heard people doing this, but never tried it for myself until recently. But it is totally helpful! Set a timer for yourself (like an hour) and complete a task. For that certain amount of time focus all your attention on completing one thing on your to do list (no multitasking here).

Limit distractions

Put your phone on do not disturb or turn the tv off. Whatever typically distracts you, avoid it until you have completed a task or until your entire list is complete. Just think that every time you check social media, you are just prolonging accomplishing the tasks you set out for yourself.

Reward yourself when you're done

Yay ... you did it! Your to do list is complete and you feel productive and accomplished (hopefully). Throughout the day you can remind yourself that once your to do list is done you can have some time for self care. If you need some self care ideas, you can get some inspo here

Leave a helpful tip below you use when you want to be productive!


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