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Ways to live an intentional life

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

A goal of mine recently was to find more clarity, simplicity and purpose in life. Although this seems like quite the challenge, I have found that a key place to start is with incorporating some things that help me to focus on living intentionally. The basis of living intentionally is simply choosing what you want to do and what makes you happy. By putting yourself first and choosing you, you are able to live the version of your life that feels the most authentic to you.

1. Figure out your priorities and non negotiables

Make a list of the things that you want to prioritize. Some ideas could be: waking up and enjoying your tea/coffee on your own, enjoying a certain amount of time with your family daily, no screens after a certain time or working out in the morning. Make what makes you happy a priority in your day and stick to it! You will feel better and more in tune to yourself by doing what makes you feel good and showing up for yourself.

2. Find the beauty in simple things and practice gratitude

This can sometimes be challenging when we are faced with constant information on our phones or laptops. Or maybe we are so busy that we just cannot find the time to stop and enjoy the beauty that is around us as we are always thinking of the next thing to do. But, an easy way to find the beauty in the simple things is to look at your plate when you're eating a meal. Think about the beauty of preparing a meal to eat and the blessing of having food on your plate. Also, just taking a quick walk or maybe taking a break to sit outside is another way to find the beauty in the things around you.

3. Reflect on your words

We often don't realize how powerful the words we use can be. So being intentional with the words we speak to ourselves and to others is key. You can use positive affirmations to help start your day and get you on the right track or help calm you during a stressful situation.

4. Curate your space

This is a great opportunity to reflect on what brings you happiness and makes you feel comforted. Keep in mind that it is about the quality rather than quantity. Something to do to help you curate the space around you is to clean out your space and donate the things that you no longer want or use. You can also decorate your bedroom with things that make you feel happy, calm and comforted. Ultimately, make your space feel like you!

5. Reflect on your friendships

This tip could be a bit of a challenge since it requires reflection and truly being honest about the people that you keep in your circle. But keep in mind, that we are not only a reflection of those closest to us, but those around us also influence our lifestyle and mindset. Do the people you surround yourself with bring you joy, support your dreams and challenge you to be your best self? Take a moment to yourself and reflect on the friendships and relationships in your life and whether they benefit you and light you up.

What are some ways you found helpful to live an intentional lifestyle?


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