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Wellness habits I do everyday to feel my best

It's probably clear to see that I am a huge fan of habits and maintaining a routine for everyday success. I've learned that my body functions its best when I stick to the habits that make me feel at my best. I've noticed that I have more energy, sleep better, have learned more about my body and how it functions, plus have learned to listen to my body.

Check out the habits below that have changed my life and see where you can incorporate them into your routine to feel your best!

Think of 3 things you are grateful for

Every morning when I wake up and I'm still in bed, I think of 3 things that I am grateful for. And these could include - your bed, your friends, your pet, a roof over your head, a coffee. I've noticed that starting my day with positivity sets me up for the day to look for positive things in my life that I should be grateful for. You can also take this a step further and write out 3 things you are grateful for in a journal. For a great gratitude practice you can reread all the wonderful things you have in your life once the month is over.

Eat to nourish my body

This is something that I've learned and it has been life changing for me. I used to look at food as either good or bad. Chocolate cake is bad whereas a stalk of celery is good. However, this caused so many challenges and is such a negative way to look at food. Instead, through self work and research, I found a much more impactful way of looking at food. Now I eat to nourish my body. I try to fuel my day with as much nutrient dense foods as possible. Foods that will power me for the day ahead, leave me feeling satisfied and ensure my body is healthy and happy. And if I want some chocolate cake, I eat it!

Write out my goals for the day

I love my planner, that is no surprise. I look forward to planning out my day and successfully crossing off tasks. At the start of each day I will write a short to do list of things of my top 3 things to accomplish. These things can include - a workout, clean and organize my bedroom, write a blog post, or study.

Move my body everyday

This habit is very important to me because it makes me feel proud of the progress I've made and helps me to notice the real changes I've made in my body. And moving your body can look and feel like anything you want, maybe it's a HITT workout, a yoga session, a 30 minute walk or a Pilates class. Whatever you do to move your body is completely up to you, but sticking to this habit will improve your dedication plus a good sweat session always feels good!

Don't check my phone first thing

This habit it tough and if I am being honest, I sometimes don't always follow through with it. But I do notice a difference on the days I don't check my phone first thing. I actually forget all about checking social media and feel less anxious. Of course there are days where you will need to check your phone. Maybe to check in on family, answer something for work, but on days when you can, I totally recommend checking your phone or at least certain apps until after breakfast.

I hope the above habits that I use and love doing can also help you achieve your goals! Please leave any habits below that you have found to be life changing and I look forward to reading them.


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