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Why I switched to Clean Skincare Products

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

I have to say that I was very unaware of the clean beauty industry, but once I started learning about all the wonderful brands and the values they stood for, I was hooked.

To start this journey I first began researching the chemicals that were in my current beauty products. I decided that I no longer wanted to pay for products that were harmful to me, the planet and even the animals that had been tested on. Then began the best part, I started researching different brands and what these brands represented. Next, I wanted to be apart of this clean beauty world and invest in these brands, their products and the amazing work they were doing in the industry.

I have found some resources and listed them below. Check them out as you begin incorporating clean skincare in your routine!

So, the most important question - why? Why making the decision to switch to clean skincare has been so great for me and my skin?

Being an active consumer - Brands whose values align with mine

This by far, to me, is the most important and why it is at the top of the list. I believe that as consumers we have a significant role because we have buying power. I want to support brands that are making good products for me but also doing good for others. It is key to me to find brands that care about the same things I do and who I want to support going forward so they can continue to provide amazing products and do good work for others!

Less chemicals on my skin = clearer and brighter skin

Clean skincare products contain little to no toxins, chemicals, and are safer to use! There is a sense of insurance buying a natural skincare product because you know your skin will thank you. By using natural ingredients I have noticed a difference in my skin. Over a short amount of time of introducing skincare into my routine, I felt that my skin was softer, looked brighter and more clear!

It is important to know your skin type so you can choose the right products for your skin type. Plus, not all clean skincare products are created equal so remember the importance of doing your research!

Cruelty free

As an animal lover, this one is a non-negotiable to me. I wanted to ensure that the products I use daily are good for me, but also do not cause any harm to animals. I value when a company makes this important to their products and clearly states they are against any kind of animal testing.

Packaging is sustainable

Like mentioned above, I wanted to ensure the products I am using are not only good for me, but others around - including our planet! Most clean skincare brands make their products with sustainable packaging that can be recycled or even reused around your home!

Leave your comments below why you have made the switch to clean skincare or why you want to make the switch!


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