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Why you should plan a self care day + some relaxing ideas to try

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

When you hear "self care", what typically comes to mind? A DIY spa day at home? Turning off your phone for the day? Or maybe it's a lunch out with friends? The key to self care is that it is a completely individual and personal practice to take care of yourself. So when planning a self care day, incorporate activities that make you feel good mentally and physically. And keep in mind, the importance of filling up your cup so you can be and feel like your best self!

Below are some of my go to self care day practices that make me feel refreshed and grounded. Leave a comment below of some of the practices you include in your self care day!

Enjoy being outside - go for a walk, read or enjoy a coffee outside

We spend most of our days inside staring at some kind of screen (laptop, phone, tv, and the list goes on). With all the information we digest on these screens and through digital platforms, we need to give our minds a healthy break. Taking some time to sit outside, breathe fresh air, take in the landscape around you on a walk or sit on the grass and root ourselves is a wonderful way to feel grounded and centred.

Put on your favourite facemask

Facemasks are a key to most of my self care days! Applying a facemask feels therapeutic and leaving them on to do their magic is also a wonderful way to take a break and just chill. Check out some of the clean skincare products I love here (link).

Epsom salt bath

Are we surprised that I added taking a bath to our self care day list? A warm bath is relaxing especially when a candle is lite and you add some epsom salt or essential oils to your bath water. Also, you can do a short meditation in the bath! I often imagine the days stresses and worries washing off my body and using my breath to stay present in the moment.

Stretch or Workout - move your body

The only workout you will regret is the one you missed! Take some time to move your body during your self care day. And this movement can look and feel like whatever you need in that moment. Maybe it's some yoga and stretching to ease tension or it's a HITT workout that get your heart rate up.

Take a nap

Sometimes the best thing to do is just sleep it off! You can either set a timer for your nap or let your body have the time it needs to restore. Napping can improve your mood, relax your body and mind, plus it can help to reduce stress.


There are countless articles and studies that have been done to show all the benefits of meditating. So adding this to your self care day (or to any day really) will help you to stay more focused, to reduce stress, increase your creativity plus increase self-awareness. Focusing on the present moment and your breath is a wonderful way to centre yourself and take a break from your daily activities.

Journal or do a gratitude exercise

This may be my favourite on the list! I find journaling to be very therapeutic and allows me to release emotions that I tend to hold in. You can either do a complete brain dump and just write everything that is on your mind or you can follow some journal prompts to get the thoughts flowing. Also, doing a gratitude exercise is a great way to appreciate the beautiful life you have and ground yourself. You can try one I created here (link).

Remind yourself you are doing your best

At the end of it all, remember to be gentle on yourself and remind yourself you are doing your best!

Try incorporating some of the above tips during your next self care day or maybe a few tips just when you need to take a moment to yourself and let me know how you feel in the comments!

Either way, remember you cannot pour from an empty cup and taking breaks is just as important as checking off tasks on your to-do list.


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